ParaSmoke (2nd 2018 Australian Nationals) - Wilfy Horig

crushedguava 188

Piloted by Wilfy Horig to 2nd in the recent 49 player Australian Nationals. An exact copy of the German Nationals Smoke from early September:

With Australian Nats being the first big tournament after Worlds/Magnum Opus, the main focus was on CTM on the corp side. However, it was announced that not only all the recently released Champs cards would be legal, but even the 2 community cards as well - Watch The World Burn and Hired Help.

With Border Control being the main card on focus on the corp side, and it seemingly fitting into both the regular MTI and Argus lists, Smoke seemed like a reasonable choice to make.

This deck with no changes from German Nats did very well in testing against MTI and Argus lists, and also had game against CTM. It did not really need E Strike to run against MTI, instead, running with Net Mercur and an SMC became a trade in Smoke's favour, if the corp chose to install a big ICE.

Eventually, I convinced Wilfy to take it to Nats and it did very well for him (but not for me, unfortunately). I don't think a single CTM was in sight on the day.