Old School Noise

micahwedemeyer 1

2018-10-17 - Not really optimized, but I'm using it as a training deck.


I got killed after making a run. It needs more protection, like PC.

Lost vs Weyland - Killed via Scorched Earth. I really, really messed up the end-game. I could have used Imp to trash Scorched, but I forgot. I made a lot of terrible mistakes.


  • Did not realize that R&D was almost empty, could have just run out the clock.
  • Did not use Imp to trash R&D accessed card (Scorched) that ended up killing me.
  • Digging for Ice Carver when I could have used djinn to pull out DataSucker. Since Archives were undefended, DS + Virus Breeding would have been killer.
  • Remember: Djinn can host any non-icebreaker (ie. Magnum Opus)!


  • Synergies with Djinn and others work great
  • Parasite plus virus breeding is awesome
  • Virus breeding is great at any point
  • Economy never was struggling, despite never getting Magnum Opus running


  • Hivemind kind of sucks if later in the game.
  • Progenitor kind of sucks?


Lost vs Weyland (Meat Damage guys) - Lost straight up due to points. The deck played well, but I couldn't get the ICE breakers I needed for the ICE I faced.

I probably should have focused more on generating cash and doing runs. Instead, I sat back and waited for my parasites to work.


Lost vs Jinteki - Flatlined by Justin with a EMP card played on his turn. My mistake was ending my turn with no cards. I was way ahead in points and there was no need to be so aggressive.


  • Ending turn with no cards, opening myself up to death by a single point of net damage.
  • Running servers with a high likelihood of traps, just because I had Gravedigger and wanted to trash installed cards. Stupid!