Dirjel 233

This deck is a little hard to pilot, but once you get it rolling it feels great. Every click matters - you're making three or four high-impact choices every turn.

Basically, this is a Brahman/D4v1d deck. Net-Ready Eyes gets Brahman big enough to hit everything below 5 strength, and D4v1d handles the rest.

The first thing you want to do is put Sahasrara on the table, then probably a Multithreader. You can use your last SMC to put a Dhegdheer down for free (Multithreader to activate SMC, Sahasrara to put Dhegdheer on the table).

Use Wu's ability to put a Brahman down, then go facecheck some things. Use Brahman to bounce himself, use Oracle May to draw him back up, and put him on the table for real.

Shallow servers with weak ICE are your friend. You'll use Wu to pull the next program you need to build your rig out, run in, break something for cheap, and use Brahman to save the card you tutored.

Oracle May draws it back up, you install it with Sahasrara. You'll build a GIANT rig in no time.

Magnum Opus is for games that go sideways on you. Sometimes, you'll just NEED to break something big with Brahman. Pull the Mopus with Wu, put it on a Dhegdheer, and pay the Sahasrara bucks. It only costs a buck, and you can take four off of it and then feed it to Brahman just like anything else.