Circus Maximus (Dutch nationals, 6th swiss, 8th cut)

ayyyliens 503

Our latest iteration of Circus Haley (thanks to @Slowriffs for testing and helping refining it), designed to tackle all the evil stuff most of the dutch players brought.

Heartbeat was a beast in swiss. Cutting clot was the right call. Faced no scarcity.

It went 2-2 (ID fifth round) beating IG and Trap Palana.

Losing to Argus and Asa due to complete incompetence by me (I could have won those, always clear your tags in time kids!)

In the cut it dropped a game versus Argus when the legwork didn't find the last agenda in HQ.

Highlight of the day: IG decking himself after he can't get the kill-lock with heartbeat installed.

21 Oct 2018 Slowriffs

Heartbeat is the best card ever. Well played!