Again another brick in the wall (11th place Dutch Nats)

Cpt_nice 1453

When you draw into another piece in ice for your perfect remote

Not much to say about this deck, it is very similar to the one I got 3rd with at the Antwerp regionals. The biggest change is swapping out Archived Memories for a third Surveyor, and Miraju for Biovault, which were all fine changes. The deck went 3 - 2 during the day, with both of the losses not really being the deck's fault as much as a bad match up and terrible luck. I think pure NBN glacier is on par, if not superior, to Jinteki glacier, and Azmari doesn't suffer nearly as much from E-Strike as MTI does.

Tournament Report

Dennis: Spark/Quetzal (WIN/LOSS)

Spark is a breeze for Sunny and I kinda felt for Dennis as I made myself immune to HHN, trashed his key assets and build up turtle counters, in full control for the entire game. He paid me back right after though as he had a Quetzal deck with Surfer and Laamb. This is probably the single worst match up this deck has, and I admit I was somewhat tilted when he won the game on the remote. Still, if you are reading this, Dennis, my irritation wasn't personal and you played it out perfectly. GG.

Gijs: MTI/Pirate Hayley (WIN/WIN)

Gijs is someone I faced before, a friendly guy from Enschede and a skilled player, so I knew I had to bring my a-game. I drew a crappy hand but saw e strike and decided to keep. This was the right call as he had no Scarcity to retort with until I had a second strike lined up. He tried scoring out an early Nisei to keep me at bay but with a Security Chip I got passed his ice. After that the game was mostly over. I dont remember most of our second game, except that it was close. I think I just put the pedal to the metal and that worked out mostly. He also had some unlucky whiffs on centrals, which happens at times. A bit lucky on my part, but a good match nonetheless.


Too bad I wasted all my luck right before my game on camera/at the top table. I played against Alex, a Britt who was clearly there to kick ass and take names. My nerves got to me and I made some dumb mistakes in this match. Azmari also decided to crap out on me though, as we saw all my 6 agendas in the first 20 cards. The other game was closer, but as shown at the regional, the only thing that beats my Sunny is an asset spam deck with sufficient tempo. After an early second ARES I couldn't keep up with his assets, and he kept my tempo down masterfully. A sad thing to have on video, but it is what it is.

Alex: MTI/Smoke (WIN/WIN)

Hey look, another Alex! But one I know this time. I hadnt seen him in a while but he accompanied me and Kelf to the Belgian nats last year. He is extremely jovial and fun to shoot the shit with, so I really enjoyed our game. I didn't make it easy on him though as our first game barely lasted 5 minutes. I put down Scarcity and he decided to play it aggressively in an attempt to clear it. My centrals were airtight however, leaving him clicking for credits for a long time, so I scored out at my leisure. E strike was again the mvp in our next game, but he did manage to make a scary remote installing ice the old-fashioned way, with double Surveyor. It didn't matter that much though, as my turtle was loaded to the brim with counters, and I derezzed ice with Maxwell to keep him poor. We did both forget that Navi Mumbai CG could have countered my sec chips, which is why he didn't rez it against me. Next time I will trash that pesky grid, as that could have gone badly.

Floris: Argus/Circus Hayley (WIN/WIN)

Floris aka Slowriffs is a Belgian player I have seen multiple times but who I never got to play against before. He had an amazing showing at Belgian Nats though, and as we both needed to sweep to have a chance at top 8, I was visibly nervous. Our games were extremely close and some of the most gutwrenching fun I ever had playing netrunner. In my corp game I dragged him through a huge remote several times, using ngo and biovault, giving me an opportunity to score out. His Argus was incredibly strong, and several times I had a near death experience. He trashed my econ, my DJ (Steve was clutch btw) and my sanctuary but couldnt kill me. Then I had to run a double advanced Atlas on my third click, knowing I would die if Prisec sniped the Deuces from my hand. I took the chance and he missed it, ultimately leading to me winning.

I ended up at place 11, with a SoS only a few tenths away from a 8th place. This was somewhat disappointing, but I guess I am still happy with the result. And for the most part, I am happy I got to see a ton of old friends and had a great weekend. You can always expect me to keep playing and organizing, as long as there are people out there to play with.

24 Oct 2018 Menghini

Hey David, no problem about the Quetzal/Surfer/Laamb irritation. The win with Quetzal gave me a boost to win a bit more during the day! Even with Spark! ;) So, thanks for the games and perhaps we meet again. If that remote would have had a Vault or NGO, I'd probably have lost...