NPE MTI, v. Beta (3-0 GNK at Berkeley)

elidelajandro 84

The Champ Cards are dumb and gross and awesome. Like eating an Elvis sandwich (Google it).

This deck is designed to do three things:

1) Score out using Border Control, Hired Help, Sand Storm, Code Replicator and Jinteki ICE as various methods on making runner a single remote unpleasant.

2) Win via a Punitive Kill as the combination of Bacterial Programming/GFI + Mwanza City Grid + Punitive Counterstrike is very good in most circumstances.

3) Win via a Snare Kill as the combination of Snare! + Mwanza + Bacterial Programming.

Film Critic wrecks this version of the deck. However, no one runs FC anymore and this deck is only the Beta version of this deck. The final version will have an answer to FC because I don't like glaring weaknesses in my builds.

This deck gave up 16 unique accesses to a combination of 2x DDM and Mwanza. I won the next turn. Granted it gave up six points in the interim (best use of Insight ever) and I had scored a Bacterial, with two more Bacterials (and a Punitive) in hand. In essence, it was 1 in 25 shot to find the last GFI. Turns out it was the last card in the deck. Your mileage may vary depending on your poker face.


5 Nov 2018 allofthemarbles

Wow, love how the run-denial discourages the remote so heavily that it's basically daring the runner into Mwanza runs on centrals!

What was the rationale behind GFI over Obokata? Is it more a response to Mad Dash/FtE or for having agendas that the runner is forced to steal?

5 Nov 2018 elidelajandro

GFI was chosen over Obo for three reasons:

1) The alpha version of this deck lost when people (/cough Swan /cough) would just load up on cards and go on a desperation run into a Mwanza-RnD. Losing because the runner stole two Obos is very annoying.

2) Punitive hurts for 3 even though it’s in the runner’s score area.

3) Personal rule - 3 Border Control feels like broken. But 2 BC allows me to use Punitive so it balances out. ?

11 Nov 2018 Netrunnerunner

I’m still missing how GFI beats Obokata in that circumstance. The only times stealing two GFIs instead of two Obos would win the runner the game are if they used Mad Dash/FTE, or if the other agenda they had stolen was Philotic/the third GFI. Unless you face a lot of Mad Dash/FTE, I don’t feel like that rare combination of specific agenda steals would warrant losing three influence and the threat of a single Punitive kill scaring the runner off from stealing Obokata. The synergy with Snare! is also really helpful given that you’re running Mwanza.

Sadaka is probably the best answer to Film Critic.