Cyber Meme! Malaysia Online GNK 3 - 1

GranZeph 2

This is a deck that I have been using for a month or two. It was prepared for Malaysia Online GNK and I have been using it since then. The win rate is currently at 74% overall as from practice until now, the Online GNK is close to an end.

It is a 49 card decks and it was made just for the memes! Did not expect it to turn out so well. It is all about mind games and what to drop down at certain time. I can score agenda in an open server like a BOSS, and once I have scored 2 Self-Destruct Chips, the table has turn. Handsize for the runner will be reduced down to 2, with Enforced Curfew, will be 1.

First game of the Online GNK, I scored 2 and got a Ronin kill against a Jesminder. Second game was against Leela, not such a good matchup for my case as it bounces off with all the expose, so lost the game. Third game was against 419, again a bad matchup but I somehow win, how? Tricks over tricks, I have burn out the 419, as he did not pack damage protection, I killed the turtle with sudden rez of Ichi 1.0, and he ran into Marilyn Campaign. He was forced to concede as all the server is locked. ANNDD THE LAST GAME! Starting hand 2 agenda, as after mull from 3. Somehow got lucky scoring out without any ice on remote. Won the game with 9 agenda points! I've scored 2 Self-Destruct Chips, and the runner is racing hammering agendas in R&D grabbed 1 GFI, as he hits 5 points.

In general this deck is just for MEME! Its a fun deck to play if you like Jinteki tricks with HB bullshit! Why? Tempus and Riot Suppression, people totally have no idea what are they! In public games that I have played, many of them have hit them so frequently along with Snare! such lovely card.

Well this is a For Fun deck! REALLY! If you like trolling, you are at the right place. TRY IT OUT!

Thanks for reading! Cheers.