Lisa fights for liberty (2nd in Hungarian Nationals)

Longi 1548

This is the Lisa deck that I took to Hungarian Nationals in Budapest. The theme of the tournament was the statue of liberty placed in Budapest, hence the name of deck.

The deck is pretty standard. Knowing the love of local guys for jinteki faction I reduced the number of Legworks (you do not want to hit the snares in hand) and played the full set of Falsified Credentials as I hate jinteki traps. The local jinteki meta was also the reason why I risked to bring Liza to the tournament at all as the HPT and Boom can ruin your day  Luckily for me, I did not meet those. Deck performed really well. I lost only in the final game to a very strong opponent who did great work in systematic icing of centrals.

I would also like to thank very much to organizers who did tremendous work, especially regarding the price pool. Unfortunately, they were not lucky enough to get the official kit but I dare to say they did even better. And as always, it was blast to play in Budepast as the guys are awesome.