Modern Argus: they have lasers now (8-2 LaserRunner weekend)

MrBuggles 269

Fairly standard list that dropped one game at KoS because the agendas floated to the top of R&D and the ice sank to the bottom, and one game during the main event when I was comprehensively beaten by an excellent Val player with a good start.

I liked @firesa's reasoning for armed intimidation over oaktown (, but barely saw the agenda all day so it made no difference.

Excalibur is obviously there as a way to cheese out an agenda with border control. Never got this combo set up and in NISEI-standard Excalibur is restricted so should be replaced with something else anyway, probably the 3rd Mausolus, maybe the 3rd NGO.

So this list barely changes with SystemCore2019 and the NISEI MWL (just have to cut excalibur), so whether it's still good or not will depend on what the good runners turn out to be. Play it and find out, it's a lot of fun!

26 Nov 2018 MichiganMaster

I'm pretty sure excalibur is restricted now. Any idea for a replacement?

27 Nov 2018 MrBuggles

Oops, i realised after I posted and edited the penultimate paragraph, but not the final one. I’ll go do that now, thanks for spotting!