#goodstuffapex (King of Lasers) 2-2

PuMeGo 195

First: the King of Lasers event in Enschede was such a great tournament! Thx again, Jakuza!

Second: This Apex build went very well. The two lost games were very close. One loss due to a rig-shooter-Argus, wich I didn't expect until my Laamb got hit by the hunter seeker and almost immidiately a follow-up with ark lockdown... Two rezzed tithoniums on the scoring remote and the r&d were the nails in my coffin (I think I was on mathchpoint, but I'm not sure though). The other lost game was definitely on matchpoint and I consistently grabed the wrong cards from hand and missed the winning agenda. Two wins against Mti and cybernetics. The cybernetics game was almost instantly over when I had more than 5 facedown cards and my console and started running the advanced cards in the remotes.

My mission remains: raising awareness in Apex and hoping to convince some runners to bring our beloved spaghetti monster to your next tournament as well. I promise a lot of fun while playing this deck and having amazing games!!!

26 Nov 2018 Cpt_nice

Was great having you as a teammate! Keep rocking that virtual monstrosity!

27 Nov 2018 dezigerator

How effective was Prey for you? Also, did you have enough money? Any times Reboot saved a game?

29 Nov 2018 PuMeGo

If you get into mid-to-late game money is not the problem. And one major reason for that is reboot, honestly. You could argue that cutting estrike for Levy could help as well, but Mti is nasty so Apex has a chance to compete this ID if the employees are striking. Prey is key! You may have money, but not enough if it gets too glaciery. So get rid of expensive to break ICEs and run centrals as much as you can with TTW.