NBN Punitive Surprise

dudeoftheday 56

Given the state of the meta, when your opponent sees TWIY, they'll expect a fast advance deck. I've tried to mimic the usual fast advance ICE to support that illusion.

The fun part is, this deck's appearance of fast advance is merely meant to put the runner's guard down. If their guard is down, they won't install Plascretes, and if they steal one of your 3-pointers, it's Punitive time.

Realistically, this deck can only win once per opponent, so this is mostly a joke. Let me know if it works on anyone!

9 May 2014 DaveZilla

For some reason my like/fav counted twice. Kudos to you, the joke is twice as funny :P... i'm gonna cheese someone and have fun with this idea. Thanks.

9 May 2014 variablesquid

I think the other like/fav was me and we just have great timing DaveZilla.

Honestly I don't even think I could be mad if I ended up on the receiving end of this deck! Too funny!

10 May 2014 Nushura

Why don't you add data raven/sea source to tag and a couple of Scorched Earths?

10 May 2014 dudeoftheday

If the runner sees a Data Raven, they might start to play cautiously. The idea here is that it looks exactly like a harmless fast advance deck until the moment the runner scores a 3-pointer.

10 May 2014 steevo15

I actually feel like this could perform against the same opponent more than once, you just have to be aggressive with it. Dig as quickly as you can, for your punitives, even throw an agenda in archives if you need to so you can pull off a surprise kill if the runner pokes around archives, you can always Jackson it back. If they are sitting around digging for plascretes then start scoring agendas to make them have to run and steal a potentially deadly agenda.