JackMade 1959

My runner was pretty amazing this weekend going 5-1 in swiss and 2-0 in the cut. I had some really close games and only lost against Tug when I could not find an SMC or my breakers in the first 2/3rd of my deck. Besides, who knows if I would have won otherwise. :P

This deck is my "Rettich voller Amseln" but with +1 Stimhack +1 The Turning Wheel - Clot - 1 Film Critic. I was really glad with the changes making my setup so reliant in most games. @all Netrunners I met again, thank you for the wonderful weekend and for all the cheese!

That's it!

Original Notes to the deck:

I gathered some tips for you on how to play the deck. So here they go.

How do they say it: At full moon, the moose bakes the brightest bread.

But apparently we have the radish full of blackbirds! And it does not matter how many sombreros we throw into the surf, afterwards there will be only albinos sitting in the wooden rollercoaster again. And Father Pimpernelli plays Tiritomba on his rotten Brushwood.

If you give the whale your cake fork, you can dance without a moustache. Which means that you should never fog your mother's hoofs with wet chalk.

Multo bene. Salute! Hot Milk, tight pants!

German alert!

"Wie sagt man so schön, bei Vollmond backt der Elch die hellsten Brote."

"So langsam haben wir hier den Rettich voller Amseln! Und egal wie viele Sombreros wir in die Brandung werfen, nachher sitzen wieder nur Albinos in der Holzachterbahn. Und Pater Pimpernelli spielt Tiritomba auf seinem morschen Reisigbesen."

"Wer dem Wal seine Kuchengabel schenkt, der tanzt auch ohne Schnurrbart."

"Beschlag die Hufe deiner Mutter nie mit nasser Kreide."

"Heiße Milch, enge Hose!"

27 Nov 2018 ayyyliens

That stupid Atman ruined EVERYTHING

27 Nov 2018 Agasha

Looking ahead, how would you get Nisei Standard compliant? Switch paperclip for Corroder? If so, any thoughts for the free influence?

Congrats on your result at Laser Runner

28 Nov 2018 JackMade

That stupid Atman was glorious. :)

I definitely would swap Paperclip with Corroder. Free Influence could become Clot again or even Switchblade. But I am not sure yet.

3 Dec 2018 Ecchicon

@Agasha I personally quite like BlacKat. It's occasionally even better than paperclip, but might depend on playstyle.