Moshpit v2 - 7th place LaserRunner

Slowriffs 725

Here we are again with another Comet shaper list. I originally wasn't very confident to play this anymore with the magnum opus cards... But I locked the ID in a month ago so I had to play it. Turns out it still works just fine, most of the losses were very close due to one or two mistakes, and I should've played the same deck the next day instead of pawnshop hayley because I'm worthless with that deck.

This version is mostly the same deck I've been playing with two changes that made it slightly better:

  • We cut a Notoriety for an Escher. Notoriety didn't trigger much and it was rarely relevant with already 2 extra points in the deck. Escher felt really good whenever I used it. First of all it's a way to deal with a Miraju on r&d, but it can also really destroy a remote. Many times I could contest a seemingly impossible remote by going escher-comet-stimhack.
  • Nanotk goes out, Ika goes in. Nanotk is too expensive, I never install it and it just generally feels bad if you want just a breaker to deal with a single annoying sentry. Ika is free and efficient. Welcome Ika!

Overall I still love playing this archetype and I look forward to porting it to the new standard format.

30 Nov 2018 ayyyliens

"This deck can't win from custom biotics"

1 Dec 2018 Slowriffs

@ayyyliens I got lucky, what can I say ^^