ID Swap 45/15 Anarch into Akiko

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I've wanted to play Akiko since she was spoiled, but I'm a terrible Shaper player. Playing her out of Anarch was fun, though the deck only did okay (2-2 in our ID Swap Tournament). Exer is actually a pretty fun card, especially if you can pop it off Street Peddler before an RnD access--your opponent will be very confused and have to read the card.

I didn't even consider starting as Gnat for the 40-card deck size! That would've made the deck better. D4v1D would've made the deck better too, obviously. But I don't think I've played an Anarch deck without D since it was released, so I wanted to give it a shot.

Engolo is ridiculous.

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7 Dec 2018 esutter479

I've been wanting to give Kim another shot. This setup looks pretty cool. :) I agree about D4v1d. IMO, Kim can't get along without it.