Spark - SC 2019 Core Experience

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Urziel 79

I love Spark, I really do - I was playing this ID long time ago with a good success for a while (back in Friends in High Places era). Seeing that in SC 2019 Spark is part of the core package it was obvious for me there will be no better moment to revisit my favorite advertisement agency!

The plan - as always is to keep runner poor - for that you have ads. If runner is poor try to hit him/her with SEA source and trash Kati/Profesional Contacts/closed accounts.

If he is running away with cash, let him trash some assets, if possible covered by hunter / pop-up. A naked Ghost Branch can be in fact reversed accounts or Beale so they will most likely run - it depends greatly on the situation on the board. Ghost branch with just one token is not worth it.

ETR ice - mostly barriers, Tollboth is for the scoring server - especially if you rez it via the priority requisition. Rototurret is you joker, for the runner which think they can ignore killers - sniping the Battering Ram or the Gordian Blade will set runner back a lot.

Performance - On Jinteki deck performed very good - over 90% win rate - but it's only after 12 games, so further testing might be needed.

10 Dec 2018 Aramaki

I hate it. I mean, in a good way. Having lost against this little mosnter in the past I do have some emotions connected to it (mostly frustration). Great deck! Will certainly draw some inspiration here and there.