Peddle to the Metal (Top Cut in SOCR8)

RB 15

This is just another generic Kit from SOCR8 where about half of the runners were Kit.

I built Kit because I wanted the C&C econ, and figured that Kit + Engolo would enable early game aggression, it seems many shared that opinion. There were so many Azmari's in SOCR8 that I teched against that with Imp + Notoriety, which did win me a game.

This deck went 4/2 during Swiss, primary due to early aggression and good accesses (sometimes you just topdeck agendas or take SSL's out of hand) and fell to SolemnStorm's Titan in the Cut (having also lost to the same during swiss).

I can't say I am in love with this deck, but I made my bed early on and had to lay in it.