Someone Already Made the Thanos Joke (SOCR8 7th Swiss-3/4th)

solemn_storm 294

Titan has always been a cool identity to me, and I was excited to use it for more exciting ends than Atlastraining (though also that too). This led me down the Timely Public Release -> Border Control -> Data Raven -> HPT chain. Mark Yale was initially in here, and I did succeed in using Titan at least once with every single one of my agendas, but he was just not strong enough econ to justify the low floor.

This deck suffers from trying to do a little too much, but the ability to rush an Atlas/TPR, FA an Atlas, and then set up the Data Raven BC hell server worked well when it came together, with SEA, SEA/HPT, HPT and random Forced Connection blowouts punishing careless aggression.