[SOCR8] Kim Mourns Singularity

mbzrl 144

This is the deck I played for rounds 2-6 of the 8th Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament. After trying out a more regular build with Patchwork and fixed strength icebreakers which struggled to do anything at all in round 1, I said Fork that and put this frankly horrible deck together instead. I managed to grab 2 wins with it anyway, which is about where I'd expect that first deck to land.

The idea I had, after seeing Singularity in Revised Core, was to make a deck that might actually want to play it. The only way for this deck to challenge the remote is to Singularity in or to cutlery every ice on it. The rest of the game the deck is just trying to run for single accesses or to destroy ice for mills. Pretty much every game was a scramble to not get locked out; the Corp always had a chance to lock me out, and there was never a guaranteed win for me until the last turn. The won games would surely have been lost without lucky mills, which is a let-down. The turn to turn gameplay was quite fun, but I probably won't run a deck like this again, in part because it wasn't any good!

Thanks to @Sanjay for hosting the tournament and all my opponents for the interesting games! SOCRs are always a blast, and I'd encourage anyone to throw their hat in for the next iteration.