[SOCR8] Meat Outfit

mbzrl 144

This is the deck I used for rounds 2-6 of the 8th Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament. In the first round I played a Border Control - Data Raven - Formicary - KP Lynn - HPT combo deck that worked and was very boring to play. This deck still kinda works and is not boring to play, so I highly recommend running this instead. It finished with a record of 3-2.

Some fun things that happened include:

  • Using a Broad Daylight token, then Biotic scoring a double advanced Broad Daylight and using a second Broad Daylight token to flatline the runner
  • Using 2 Broad Daylight tokens not to flatline the runner, but to use all 3 Reconstruction Contracts to score an SSL Endorsement from hand
  • Many satisfying Checkpoint rezzes (add Sub Boost sometimes too - I Sub Boosted a Fire Wall to hurt Gbahali and Kongamato in at least one game, doesn't deserve its own bullet)

Anyway I had a lot of fun playing this, and I'd like to thank @Sanjay for hosting this tournament! The SOCRs are always a blast. I'd recommend anyone try it out!