Fakawah Projects

Manta 21

The deck I brought to Louisville snek draft. Relative to the field overall, I think this deck was one of the strongest in the draft, though I didn't always pilot it to it's full potential. Needless to say it did VERY well in practice rounds hehe.

Almost no one went for HB so I had mostly my pick of the available cards in faction besides the player who went for straight AoT glacier. An early Concept Hopper (or, god forbid 2) will probably win you the game.

Zed 2.0 was absolutely the worst card in the entire deck and managed to find his way into my hand every game. Even Viktor 2.0 pulled his own weight. If I were going back to make this deck again Zed would be given the boot.

First game I played with this deck I fast advanced the game winning Ikawah Project out of hand.

The deck has some serious weaknesses though. If the game goes on too long you will lose if an ACH is not scored. With concept hopper you can sometimes transition to Glacier, but usually you will lose if you can't rush out. Late game you can still win if your fast advance peices are up (Biotic, Calibration, Jeeves) but that's not likely. And as with any deck that includes 3-pointers, you're vulnerable to lucky accesses.

That said, it's the most enjoyable thing in this game to fire a gatekeeper with 5 cards in hand, draw using advanced concept hopper, and then fast advance out a Successful Field Test the next turn, clicklessly installing 7 cards. Try it!