Vegetarian Jemison - Antwerpen Q1 2019 GNK - 1st Place

manicmoleman 451

Why vegetarian? Because this deck is almost vegan.

I've enjoyed playing Jemison since the card was released (ask anyone from the Norwich meta), and I've come back and revisited the deck quite often. This is the latest version of the deck, which tries to mitigate all the bad publicity you take by going quickly, taxing clicks, and relying on big ICE like Archer, Surveyor, and Tithonium.

You've got to go quickly with this deck. What you ideally want is a rezzed Oberth Protocol protected by a few beefy ICE, as it saves you clicks and credits advancing Bio Vault, SSL Endorsement, Hostile, and Standoff and importantly lets you score Project Atlas from hand.

Some play tips:

i) Don't take too much bad publicity early against Anarch and try to cheese a win by Ark Lockdown-ing an icebreaker.

ii) You can install Bio Vault naked or with a single advancement in the remote, so long as there's a Tithonium or Archer you can rez on the remote to advance it with Jemison.

iii) If you have an SSL scored, you can protect an unrezzed Oberth by installing it with the Project Junebug. Wait until the Runner has committed to access, then dump 4 advancements on Junebug!

iv) Against Clot, a combination of Cyberdex Virus Suite and Ark Lockdown should help.

v) Cyberdex and Ark Lockdown have the added benefit of helping against Aumakua and Crowdfunding.

vi) There are a lot of scoring combos depending on what agendas are scored and whether an Oberth is pre-installed or not. They are left as an exercise for the reader.

My games on the day were as follows, 5 wins, 1 loss:

Kit - Alex - Win

This was a Kit deck using Engolo and Gebrselassie to make very efficient runs. If I recall correctly I was able to tax credits using Border Controls and Bio Vaults to squeak a win, but it was close.

419 - Pieter - Win

I was loosing this game hard, as Pieter had his economy set up, Aumakua and Amina installed, and bad publicity making R&D runs cheap. I drew hard for a CVS, which resulted in a Tithonium faceplant. This definitely won me the game, as it trashed the two breakers and Turning Wheel.

Wu - Thomas - Win

This was a Top Hat, Insight, Comet deck. I got two Archers set up on R&D, with a Surveyor and Archer on the remote, which thankfully slowed Thomas down just enough. Once I was set up I just had to make sure I always had a couple of Atlas counters to shut down the Insight, Top Hat combo. Highlight of this game was Ark Lockdown-ing 5 Exclusive Parties.

Valencia - Brian - Loss

I took too much bad publicity early and Brian was able to run riot on R&D with Turning Wheel to take the win.

Top 3

Wu - Thomas - Win

This was a slightly more wobbly game as I got a bit flooded, and Thomas was able to install Top Hat turn 1 and run an unprotected R&D. Thankfully I was able to stabilise, and get a couple of Atlas counters by using a pre-installed Oberth and forfeiting a Hostile. This, alongside some extremely lucky HQ accesses and Insight wiffs gave me the win.

419 - Pieter - Win

This game started awfully as Pieter ran an unprotected R&D four times and stole 2 Standoffs and 2 SSLs! From then on I was playing on hard mode! Thankfully the SSL money let me accelerate quickly, I found a CVS, and I tried to make sure I could always threaten an Archer rez to dissuade running. I got pretty lucky on HQ accesses and managed to get the win, but it was a close game.

5 Feb 2019 Cliquil

I love the ID and this is a very novel take I've not seen replicated before.

Well done on your win.

5 Feb 2019 Cluster Fox

Congrats on the win and thanks for the games! Even if you were a Party pooper! ;)

5 Feb 2019 Havvy

Awesome looking deck!

5 Feb 2019 Porkobolo

Love it! I was thinking at something similar, maybe i'll try or twitch a little your version! Good job!

5 Feb 2019 Saan

I've always loved Jemison (as a peek at my deck history will reveal), and love this take on it.

5 Feb 2019 theoneakaneo

congrats on the win & nice write-up

5 Feb 2019 ayyyliens


6 Feb 2019 Skeletons

I really love this take on Jemison. Clever stuff! Congrats on your win!

8 Feb 2019 Severijn

Very cool version of Jemison. I play something very similar to this, and can only cheer you on for winning it with my favorite ID. Good job!

10 Feb 2019 vesper

Congrats on the win! Well played, good sir! :) A great non-boring Weyland remix :)

12 Feb 2019 Vortilion

Never got the hang of playing Jemison... :-( How do you play it?

13 Feb 2019 manicmoleman

@Vortilion Go quickly and rely on your big, relatively cheap ICE and 'End the run' effects to keep the Runner out. Working out the combinations of cards in hand and Agendas scored needed to fast advance more valuable Agendas will really help you play the deck.

14 Feb 2019 Vortilion

20 Games, 20 losses... Somehow this deck is extremely slow when i pilote it. No chance of keeping the runner out....

14 Feb 2019 CryOfFrustration

Looks like it's a bit of Mediterranean diet to me: there's one meal of meat, fish if you catch some in your nets, then the rest is just beans to make you go faster! :p

16 Apr 2019 Ali0r

@manicmolemanhave you consider changing anything in this deck for Downfall meta? Looks really fun!

19 May 2019 manicmoleman

Sorry @KrsOne, only just noticed your comment. I want to try swapping the SSLs for SDSs, as along with Ark Lockdown it would support the lock out plan. Divested Trust looks on the surface like a Jemison card, but I'm pretty sure it would make the Agenda suite a mess; you need 3 Hostiles, having 2 or 3 more would make things difficult. I would also try out 2 Sandstone, by dropping a Tithonium and an Archer.