Kickstarter Circusfork 1.1: good runner, bad corp eddition

Saan 3064

I stand by this deck. I had Mti players throwing up their hands at how easily it gets into servers with very little cash, and Weyland players unhappy at how generally unkillable you are.

The changes I ended up making from last time were -1 Compile +1 Inti in order to deal with Mti players taxing out Lady counters with repeated runs through barriers, and this gets through Border Control for 2 credits, which is the barrier that matters most right now.

The next change was -1 Astrolabe +1 Akamatsu Mem Chip, because the deck just functions better if you have access to 6 total MU, and Akamatsu only costs 1 to install. Astrolabe's ability rarely fires right now anyhow, so it's not really a loss to see Akamatsu before Astrolabe.

Finally, I dropped the Compile for a Takobi. With the extra MU and the addition of Inti, Takobi really pulls its weight. It enables Inti to be able to break IP Block and Eli 1.0, which are the other 2 notable barriers being played right now, and helps Ika get up to strength more easily, making it more economical if you need to spend money to jump it around to multiple Sentries.

After playing it all day, I actually think that Crowdfunding is a mistake here. Mti is great at ICEing its servers so that it doens't become economical to make 3 runs in a turn, and there's so much you can do with 9 influence that's worth more than the 9 credits default you get from CF. Heck, a single Stimhack is already worth that much. The new MWL is going to force Hayley players off CF anyhow, which is fine, since I honestly think it's better anyhow.

Anyhow, Hayley is still a beast.

14 Feb 2019 negaDan

What would you change if you remove the Crowdfunding for MWL 3.1?

14 Feb 2019 Saan

Naturally, the Crowdfundings are gone, and I've finally taken out Brahman, the CyCys, and the Scavenge. I've moved to Engolo as a Decoder, mainly because I added in two Stimhacks, so installing it isn't really much of a tempo hit, since usually I can Stim it out. I also added in a 3rd R&D Interface, since it's nice to pressure R&D a little sooner. I added in a 3rd Cache, and right now I'm testing out 2 Knifed, mainly to eat Border Controls before they can fire. There's a lot of places that final 6 influence can go, though, and I'm not completely sold on Scavenge going away.