The SSO Who Was Mean To Me

Saan 2833

I was wondering what to bring to Domecon, and while I was pretty sure I wasn't going to play SSO, it's been forever since I had, so I brought it to the preceding GNK warmup event. This is effectively @themeanlady's SSO deck, with a couple changes since Colossus left us (which was kinda sad).

First was a change she had made, which was -1 Anonymous Tip +1 Slot Machine, because Slot Machine is actually pretty sick here, and the 3rd sub actually can matter. The second change was moving Colossus over to Surveyor, and then taking out a Crisium Grid to add a 3rd one, since you really want to play all 3 copies. Yeah, it's not advanceable, but SSO will still gladly put advancements on it if it's all you have, and Surveyor is still a beast ICE.

The last change was to take out the last Crisium, since most runner decks aren't playing run events; they're either playing RDIs or The Turning Wheel. I decided to make this another Fast Track, since you still want to rush with this deck, despite it only playing 8 agendas.

On the day in question, it did just fine, even beating a Leela, which is super, super annoying having your advanced ICE just bouncing back to your hand. I even murdered an Anarch who thought that after playing Inject into an I've Had Worse into Stimhacking my remote that they'd have enough money and hand size to not be punitived after stealing a 6 advancement City Works.

14 Feb 2019 lunchmoney

Gotta expect Weyland to launch a Petty Counterstrike when stealing their stuff.