QVMti (12th @DomeCon)

Klopstock 628

This Mti was completely built by qvm, who gave the list to me the day before DomeCon. I went 3-3 with it. I lost against mirilu on Valencia (Good accesses in the beginning, made a couple of mistakes which she punished very well), lostgeek (He locked me pretty hard, I could claw my way back into the game but he snatched the win from R&D while the winning Agenda lay unassaible in my Remote) and qvm (where I just got thoroughly stomped) and won against G4rr3t (Smoke has big problems when the first 33% of your deck yield all Elis and the Bastion, also 2 or 3 Slot Machines), Garodan (rushed out a Fisk Investment Seminar/Spoiler/Gravedigger/Black File/Political Graffiti-Gnat) and percomis (where I was very lucky on an HQ access in his last turn).