Just Mti. - 10-person GNK winner

Thike 1196

Based off of the Dome-con winning list, I chose it because it's a simple archetype and I didn't have any ideas for another corp I either was comfortable with or hadn't played at the last GNK. Mostly publishing for ABR.

Changes I made:

Philotic => Timely Public Release: Arguments for both. Forcing them to respect a never advanced 2 points is nice, as is the super rare murder. However another pseudo-Nisei is more valuable IMO.

Slot Machine #3 => Crick: Crick is obnoxious on Archive, and I manage to slip it in front of runners that couldn't break it twice, reinstalling a Border Control. That's a pretty good deal. Also hilariously expensive for Engolo.

That last influence: I dunno. I didn't put too much thought into it. Eli 1.0 is always welcome, but I don't know if there's room for it.

Changes I'd consider:

Mumbad City Grid x2 => some combo of Batty, Bio Vault, and Code Replicator: Don't get me wrong, I love MCG when it works. I just never got deep enough with ice in this deck to make it really scary, and it doesn't feel useful for the first two scores. Other defensive upgrades are probably just more reliably useful.

Anansi #3 => Tsurugi: Anansi is all fine and dandy, but it doesn't ETR. Good old RP staple Tsurugi could add a little diversity for the sentry suite. Slightly cheaper, and still pretty expensive for most sentry breakers.

19 Feb 2019 Alpha

"Also hilariously expensive for Engolo." So true it hurts. One credit rez for a free Border Control re-install was REALLY painful!