Aesop's Illegitimate Patreon - 10-person GNK winner

Thike 1190

Posting mostly for ABR. Based off of this deck, I wanted something that would be impossible to replicate after MWL 3.1, since this would be the last local tournament under 3.0.

Changes I made:

PAD Tap x2 => Caldera, Hernando Cortez: Hernando is great, and plays into the credit denial theme. Didn't cause a blowout on the day-of, but definitely possible. Caldera is because there have been a bunch of net damage decks in my meta recently.

Changes I'd consider:


But I kinda want another Special Order.

20 Feb 2019 FREDPI

Yeah I agree with the Caldera, I've been running it as card 46, but it has proven his value. To bad this deck is just dead mwl 3.1