Diversified Portfolio - Kit

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iref 124

Kit was 3-1 in our Diversified Portfolio GNK (11 players). I built this two days before tournament and didn't do any testing, so I wasn't sure which card to cut. It can definitely be improved, but if you like to play Kit and/or good stuff shaper, this is probably reasonable start.

21 Feb 2019 Longi

Hey Honza, nice deck, I am testing similar one for standard format now and I would highly recommend Gebrselassie into this build, maybe as a replacement for Takobi (no memory requirements).

21 Feb 2019 iref

Gebrselassie might be worth trying. Do you host it primarily on Engolo and switch to Na'Not'K against stacked sentries? I am also thinking about switching one lady for Inti, because small barriers can (ice wall, kakugo, vanilla) run lady out of steam quite fast, if you can't break them with engolo and kit ability.

21 Feb 2019 Longi

Mainly for Engolo, as the higher strenght lasts untill the end of the turn (not only encounter or run) so I try to break as many ices as possible with Engolo. The other breakers are just for support (I use Corroder and Ika).