Dance In The Ashes (2nd Place San Antonio SC)

Most Wanted List
Standard MWL 3.4b
Standard MWL 3.4
Standard MWL 3.3
Standard MWL 3.1
Standard MWL 3.0
Deck valid after Second Rotation
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None. Self-made deck here.
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branimated 453

This list requires an incredible amount of calculation and focus to pilot well.

I think I need to find a list with easier default lines.

The Security Testings were pretty good, despite the obvious anti-synergy with Turtle. Money is important, as is making Archives runs without hitting CVS/Breached Domes.

Props to the San Antonio Dragon's Lair for hosting our unexpectedly large turnout, @doomrat and @shazzner for TOing and putting up prize support respectively, NISEI for making tournaments in 2019 possible, and slops to the Mti I played against twice on Ark Lockdown and Swordsman.