Da-freedom - part II

theoneakaneo 86

24 Feb 2019 theoneakaneo

"janky" as it may be, this has been a blast to play

depending on matchup, you may want to mulligan for laamb, a virus program or money cards

setup can be problematic without laamb, often causing the choice between going aggro + super-risky facechecks or setting up patiently risking to lose to rush decks before you're ready


  • open up a server (preferably hq, r&d)
  • or run it cheaply (Laamb / Yusuf / Datasucker)
  • farm virus tokens
  • preferably while recurring crowdfunding, which in turn helps with drawing cards yourself
  • and whilst trashing key cards with Freedom / Imp


  • knobkerie doesn't only give MU, but can recharche Imp
  • you usually want to use Progenitor to host Yusuf / Imp
  • Surfer + Stimhack when you feel you have to make an "emergency" run
  • Labor Right can put crowdfunding in the trash, but usually recurs knifed
  • single Acacia often keeps you in the game when they purge, as you can make a laamb+surfer run using the money
  • don't cut hacktivist, it wins games

biggest issues:

  • consistency
  • draw

open for suggestions to improve :-)

24 Feb 2019 theoneakaneo

note: don't be afraid to surf a nasty piece of ice outwards to kill it with hippo :)