Too Fast to Fail - Modded 2nd place SC Stockholm

bullit2 9

This is my take on the "Too Fast to Fail - 2nd @ XPlanet SC in Toronto" by lukesim3 that took me too second place at the Spring SC in Stockholm. I chose the deck the night before based on a completely incorrect meta call but the deck performed wonderfully, despite of that.

The only changes i did was to change one archived memories to a HHN, and the New Construction to an Oaktown Renovation.

The one HHN proved to be game winning in the top cut against Leela and if the runner spots it early it slows their game down considerably out of caution(IMO). The Oaktown just seems better than New Construction too me but i have never really understood New Construction at all.

11 Mar 2019 adquen

In case the "I have never really understood New Construction at all" was not just a joke: You can FA with Recoco and Dedication. Install it, advance it once (triggering its ability and using this to install Recoco), Dedication Recoco, trash Recoco and score.

12 Mar 2019 lukesim3

I'm glad the deck did well for you! I had tested with a HHN, but found it was too hard to land against today's wealthy runners, so I cut it for a second Archived to make my ability to fast advance more consistent.

And I definitely endorse the New Construction over Oaktown. It's just another agenda you can fast advance.