Sucker Punch 419 - Aldershot Store Champs 1st

MrEhjiwurth 1577

The deck I used since the start of the year I won't be discussing in massive details. This was provided to me by Swiftie in the Reading regional when I went through a dry spell of "Couldn't be bothered to build anything". I was in the drudges of no inspiration and asked him for a deck to borrow. Well turns out that deck own me Reading regional and then shortly after Aldershot.

It's about as oppressive and powerful as Nexus 419 has been. You draw and set up as fast as you can early to get your Nexus and Aumakua online able to break through any ICE. Then you pin them down and yank the corps wallet until they can take no more. Labor Rights allows you to do this to a dangerously cruel degree of times. It's also a good way to scooping out your Crowdfunding's if your struggling to get them.

This list is about as standard as I've ever been as a Netrunner Player and the most I've played criminal in my career only having played Ken eons ago when NEH and Midseasons was still a thing.

Props go entirely to Swiftie for the deck I only added the Labor Rights in and piloted this monstrosity.