Worlds 2018 corp deck, 1-6

Grosseteste 195

I wanted to bring Sportsmetal to worlds, but was having trouble deciding between a few options. Eventually I came across a post on the Netrunner Dorks facebook group where a proud father talked about this Sportsmetal deck his 8-year-old had built. I loved the story and had a couple nice wins on jinteki with it, so I decided to bring it to Worlds. I thought I'd send the kid the special Magnum Opus HB ID if I was one of the top 8 HB players for day 1A (not a lot of HB was expected). As it turned out, I only got one win, but that was more than the Sunny deck I brought!

One thing that threw me off a bit was running into multiple Leelas, who triggers at the same time and did a pretty good job draining my cash as fast as I could make it.

15 Mar 2019 webster

How was the Bryan Stinson for you during the tournament?

15 Mar 2019 SubTric

YAY! I am the proud father of the 8 (now 9) year old, who STILL plays building blocks Chiyashi out of Sports Metal. This is super cool to read. He has refined his deck further and is loving it out of 3.1.

I'm so glad I stumbled over this. Top man!

16 Mar 2019 Grosseteste

@websterDude was slipping. I don't remember him at all from the tournament.

16 Mar 2019 Grosseteste

@SubTric I'm glad you liked it, it didn't seem like the time to look you up after I couldn't make anything happen with the deck on the big day. Looking forward to when I can play with my son, he's really interested but doesn't quite have the reading skills yet (he's 5).