Paragone in 60 Seconds!

CodeMarvelous 19757

Original deck notes:

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Gotta go fast to keep Taka off your back. Permanent economy and go fast.

15 Mar 2019 moistloaf

How you gonna go fast with 3 draw cards? Mercur only draws 1 card per click

15 Mar 2019 CodeMarvelous

Switchblade could become dagger and laundry could become Deuces

15 Mar 2019 moistloaf

Feel like cut sec test, kyuban, and something for 3 deuces is better

19 Mar 2019 rubyvr00m

Have you considered testing something besides Dai V as an AI solution? Since you have so many Clone Chips I wonder if you could use Pelangi as an alternative.

I've put Dai V in so many different Smoke decks and never really had any luck with it. The one time you need it to break something like Sandstorm it ends up costing 6 to install + 2 to SMC +5 to match = 13 credits before you even break the subs with stealth. Excalibur is 2 credits less.

I guess the best case for Dai V would be against something like Endless EULA, but you could Pelangi it into a Sentry and then break on the cheap with Switchblade.

21 Mar 2019 rattkin

It would be interesting to try Dr. Lovegood with Taka, so that you can still get money for future turns, without the need to thrash/tag.