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HiddenAway 644

After a disastrous testing session with Sync, I decided to move back to an old deck. I modified a few things, including changing Oaktown Renovation for Timely Public Release (to slot in possible Border Controls from archives). An Audacity as a last ditch FA tool for the last points replaced a token High Profile Target. Death and Taxes was replaced with a Cyberdex Virus Suite in a (rightly guessed) Aumakua meta and Archer replaced the fun but ultimately less decent Formicary.

I played against GPI 419 but was too eager to kill off an Aumakua, sacrificing a 2 point agenda for it and ultimately failed to score out as the engine started to get up to speed.

Second game against Val I was massively flooded and almost got to 5 points but Val managed to steal 7 points after finding 2 in R&D followed by 1 in HQ. Flood is a serious problem and probably needs to be mitigated with a Drudge Work.

The third game was a win after my opponent stole 4 points but did not have enough cards or credits to survive the punitive.

Final result: 8th at Liverpool SC - 1 win, 2 losses