Good Stuff Freedom (4-0 and Liverpool SC winning deck)

Tolaasin 722

Went 4-0 with this Freedom Build at the Liverpool, UK SC. As usual, it's a build I cribbed from playtesting partners @groenkaaf with input from Freedom specialist @okkdoko. It's a solid good stuff Anarch build, which doesn't lean too heavily on breakers, and is teched mostly for Mti, with D4vid and Hippo for the meaty ice. I've struggled a lot v Mti, but this build does have game if you get the right cards early.

Round 1 - bye

Round 2 - v @nemo on the no ice Sportsmetal combo deck he's been piloting for a while. I'd chatted about this matchup with @groenkaaf beforehand, and knew to mulligan for turning wheel, turntable and/or a virus. I lucked out in the mulligan, with turntable, yusuf and two crowdfundings which gave me the econ I needed for the rest of the game. I decided to take accesses off centrals to hit key pieces, and took out a couple of archived memories and a BBG, going to 6 points fairly quickly including a vitruvius. The Turntable meant that @nemo couldn't leave Domestic Sleepers out, and I had enough pressure on that he had to try and combo early, but couldn't get the chain going, and I stole the last point off HQ.

Round 3 v standard Mti (@teacake27), Turntable was the MVP in this game, swopping Nisei for a scored TFP, after stealing another. The early combination of D4vid and Hippo is really powerful here, the normal line of rezzing Anansi with the Mti ability is less attractive when the ice doesn't fire and immediately dies, and I could take enough accesses to find the last two points I needed. Round 4 v standard Mti (@zomb), we had relatively little time to play this game after our game 1 grindfest, but I took a timed win after finding nisei, then philotic which was turntabled for a nisei token.

Cut game 1 - rematch v @teacake27, where I elected to run rather than face Zamba GPI again. This was an incredibly tight game, going much longer than our first game, and I was able to scrape out a win only after he a) couldn't find agendas to score, then b) drew them all in a row, and was forced to burn both a nisei token and aborder control to stop me stealing off HQ - the remote was dead to me at that point with 2 borders on it, plus Batty.

The Archivist did relatively little all day, giving my opponent bad publicity only once. But the build itself is solid and fun to play.

17 Mar 2019 moistloaf

I love this , thx for giving me something to rep that isn’t val

18 Mar 2019 5N00P1

Have seen this Khumalo often on JNet and love it! Really sad to see only 1 Yusuf and think you also tested with 2 & Paperclip. So why now 2 Corroder & 1 Yusuf?

19 Mar 2019 Tolaasin

The build doesn't lean hugely heavily on Freedom's effect, and lockout is a reality in a glacier heavy meta with everyone on Mti.

19 Mar 2019 5N00P1

yeah, assumed this was the reason.