scd 165

New cards, so time to share decks that have barely been tested at all.

I like the idea of Storgotic Resonator, and so I threw it into a Worlds-era IG to see what would happen. This was built in five minutes based on memory and, uh, throwing a Saisentan in for kicks, and a Chronos Project because I, like, needed a single agenda point? I dunno, it's a mess.

But I won 2/3 games? The first was on the back of the typical Dedication Ceremony/Ronin shenanigans, the second I barely lost (had a kill about a turn away but lost on R&D, as one does), the third I won on the dream turn: Two cards left in the Runner's hand after taking a Fetal AI, so I used my one and only Storgotic token to ping for net damage (getting a new Storgotic token in return for pinging a card from their hand which matched their faction), then Storgotic net damage to get down to zero cards, then Neural EMP.

So, what do y'all think of this quick experiment? Does it have legs? Let's make the last few months of IG's existence the best few months of IG's existence.

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18 Mar 2019 scd

I should probably, like, do some Urban Renewal bullshit with this, shouldn't I.

19 Mar 2019 hutch9514

Urban renewal is hella fun