Bioroid Tribal

presheaf 547

Part of what I struggle with as Corp currently is dealing with Runners who just sit back and build up a good board, then when they're good and ready take you apart. I believe this is why the Corps I have had success with are a rushy Outfit, who goes fast enough that they can't afford the time to set up, and an Mti with a very strong ID ability and the ability to prevent even a rich Runner from getting in through Border Controls and Nisei tokens.

An approach to this kind of like the Outfit's plan above is found in CtM decks which use high impact assets like Commercial Bankers Group to force the Runner to interact before they want to. The new Ashes card Daily Quest fits well into a plan like this, as it gives you SO MUCH money if left alone. Jamming it into CtM makes sense, but I wanted to see if I could use a different ID. Architects of Tomorrow makes a lot of sense in theory, as they get four (admittedly conditional) credits whenever the Runner breaks their ice. They also have a different asset available for forcing interaction in MCA Austerity.

The results of 8 or so test games have been kind of mixed. I had some games where stuff went really well, but in others I just didn't really find my Daily Quests, or they got trashed and I couldn't really make money efficiently. But then I swapped around 3 cards and I won 3 games in a row, soooo. I quite enjoyed this style of corping, though, despite being a bit snowbally, so am going to keep working at it. Below are some thoughts:

  • Your early game plan is going to be making an iced remote, and ideally one more quite soon. This is ice intensive, which is why I went up to 19. Still, doing this while defending centrals is going to be hard, so I went for the full GFI playset to reduce the chance you just lose off centrals. I could also see the argument for going to 3x SSLs or 3x Hyperloops to make sure you make money off steals, though.

  • I don't know if Sandburg is actually needed. I used to be on 2 and had some really fun games in which my Daily Quests went amok and I got strength 5 Vanillas, it's true, but in those games you can kinda just jam stuff and score, using Ash to leverage your money lead. I reduced them to get more Tech Startups because sticking the early Daily Quest felt more important.

  • Don't cut Restore - Runners are eventually going to get to trash your Daily Quest. Restore means you get to drag it right back out and insist they do it again very efficiently. If you plan ahead, your Daily Quest is even behind a Bioroid so you get a AoT trigger whenever they do it.

  • Don't be too greedy with your MCAs. Typically your HQ is going to be iced light enough that a smart Runner can Legwork you if you leave it with 3 counters. Just trigger it and IAA the agenda in the remote with a click or two to make money or put down more ice.

  • It would actually be pretty cool to fit Team Sponsorships. The turns in which you score agendas are kind of boring, so getting an MCA back for your trouble would be awesome. I think you'd need to rethink a lot to do it, though.