Rail Replacement Bus - 3rd In Salford SC

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The astro train has been canceld, but never fear - a rail replacement bus service is being offered.

Azmari rush, make a decent remote, few ice on RnD, rush out Remastered, and never advance your way to victory with Remaster tokens or Jeeves. Usually wins off a 3pt beale to close the game

It's lost 3 games in 2 store champs. 2 to Stabby Foxx which is a really bad matchup for it - may even be unwinnable (at least sub 20% winnable), and another to Ian "3n1gm4" Witt hitting 4 agendas with 4 star gate runs, when the winning beale was ready in the remote.

Rail Replacement Bus - not as fast as the astrotrain - but it'll get you there.

26 Mar 2019 Cliquil

This is still one of my favourite decknames ever