give us this day our Daily Quest (2nd, 5th @ 2 SCs)

twisty_b 625

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4-0 at Bristol SC, wins over Val, Jes, Val again, and Smoke. Daily Quest makes scads and scads of money, though I'm unsure whether this is actually better than the economic trap power of NGO Front. Does make landing those Punitives easier though.

Update: took the same list to Brighton SC, and went 4-1-1 (the tie might well have been a win, had the round been 5 minutes longer). Wins over Wu (twice), Leela, and Gnat; loss to and tie with Stabby MaxX. Did most of the heavy lifting in getting me to 2nd place.

Got lucky that nobody in the south seems to be playing Taps 419. Lots and lots of traces on the ice. A detraced version might look something like: -3 Surveyor, -3 News Hound, -1 Archangel, -1 IP Block; +2 Jua, +1 Hydra, +1 Tollbooth, +2 Border Control, +2 ... something else? Dunno. Might be bad.

Also Rime can probably go. I thought it would be funny but I usually just ended up chucking it.

25 Mar 2019 mcg

Like for the "make landing those Punitives easier", favourite for the name.

26 Mar 2019 Sixtyten

This deck is rude.