Frozen Dome

Bazin 90

I've had a fair bit of success with this deck, taking a bit of a spin from the Agendas everywhere Sportsmetal to throw in a ton of ICE.

With News team, Sleepers and Meridian, there's 8 "agendas" that either result in negative points or fuel for your other shenanigans. If you smell a Data Dealer or Artist colony, you may want to bin these cards.

If they don't score the news team, now they've got tags and you can mess with their resources.

The plan for this deck is pretty straightforward. Set up a scoring remote with Turing and Giodanno; ICE up HQ and R&D. If it comes up, place Enforcer 1.0 where the runner is likely to hit the most. With all of the virtual resources floating around these days, if you can catch an unprepared runner with it, you can seriously ruin their day.

Feed some agendas or agenda like cards to the runner. If they only have an AI breaker, they have to play smart to get into the scoring remote at all, then with the field, they're paying through the nose.

Stock buy back makes you rich.

I've changed my deck to add two Hagens and I took out a Meridan and one game changer. Tightens up the ICE package, delivering a reasonably strong ETR that Meridan lacked.

In short, let the runner take your stuff, and lock it all down and laugh as they bounce off your defenses.

29 Mar 2019 CaKnuckleguy

Gila Hands Arcology might be an idea for consideration along the Chronos Projects. Making money is never bad and you're not always going to have Value(tm) CP's go off.

Also if you're feeling rich, NEXT Diamond is good times.