NA Azmari SOCR 9

CritHitd20 2153

Score 1 Remastered early and then play neveradvance behind Tollbooth and Surveyor. Use Azmari to help sculpt runner hand for Standard Procedure and Focus Group, if runner doesnt comply you make tons of cash with it and Daily Quest. Can still use Focus Group to help with NA game if opponent sees it coming and won't keep many cards in hand. This is pretty close to the Azmari deck I play in Standard right now; it is fast and can pivot between glacier and FA as needed.

You should play in the SOCR9 tournament! Details here!

28 Mar 2019 mbzrl

Ah man Vulnerability Audit is so scary here. You just put Amani in a naked remote and discard if they're on crowdfunding?

28 Mar 2019 CritHitd20

I like putting Amani/Cali/DQ behind a single Slot Machine once I'm set up with the scoring server to force plural runs on one turn and to make CF less attractive. I'd like to have 2 Amani but I'm trying out Cali right now to further the gameplan and I'll see what I prefer.