Wait, you're playing CtM?

HiddenAway 830

I decided in a 419 meta, I would try CtM.

"It'll be fine, I'll just drop down and never see the 419's on the top tables"

I faced 3 419's (2 on employee strike) and a Hayley. I sneaked a timed win against mcg and that was the only win I got the entire day (my Comet Ken deck was destroyed by a flurry of Crisium Grids).

Nanoetching is good in CtM because players don't trash it. It's rubbish otherwise. The previous version of the deck with Daily Quests and Tiered Subscription felt better but you need a little more ICE if going down that route. I'd also pack Wraparounds because that space turtle and 419 just laughs at IP Block nowadays.

(This deck was named "Wait, you're playing CtM?" because I typically struggle with it and because it's not good in the current meta. My last opponent did at least say it out loud before we started to raise a smile!)