Who cares if the party is locked down!

HiddenAway 830

A new Ken deck, now with an Apocalypse in tow ready for all these darned Glacier decks. At least 2 of the decks had a simple answer - Crisium Grid. Not only does that kill off Apoc attempts, it also hoses your economy if installed on HQ. At least 2 decks had that and I was pretty low for the entire day.

I did manage to get an Apoc off against Blue Sun but my opponent managed to rush out behind a barrier while I was digging for my second Tycoon.

So sadly, this is the last I'll see of Comet Ken. He's been great fun while it lasted!

(The name is a reference to the amount of Ark Lockdown's to Exclusive Party I've had happened to me since I set up this deck)