No Plan Laramy (3rd place Adelaide SC)

martinimon 249

I thought it would be fun to play Laramy, it was. Managed to get 3rd place in the Adelaide store Champ. No real plan/strategy with this deck, always Fisk, and hopefully you'll get some good cards.

31 Mar 2019 PowerBunz

How many times did you trigger the ID in total?

31 Mar 2019 martinimon

Fisk fired every chance I got, a fair few in 2 of the match ups, paired with Equivocation and Find the truth, barely at all in the other games.

31 Mar 2019 Cpt_nice

Congrats on your placing! Was it a specific choice to have no unicorn card? Wasn't there a time where you missed having E-strike, Crowdfunding or even just Gang Sign?

31 Mar 2019 martinimon

Thanks! Nope, no real reason as to why there is no unicorn card. I was already at 46 and didn't want to add more, could have easily swapped High-Stakes job or something for a gang sign (Fisk makes the corp have cards) but I thought High-stakes was a funny include. Most of the cards didn't see much play at all in this deck, programs, Paragon and some econ (mostly easy mark) did a lot of work