Reg 419 (4th in Brighton SC, undefeated in swiss)

CF 68

This is the deck i played at the Brighton Store Champ. Fellow Brightonian Mike P got a list from someone on slack and made some changes, and then i made some more changes. It could probably do with some refining i think but it did really well all day, along with my very standard argus deck (which also went undefeated in swiss!) taking me into my first proper cut as top seed, from where i crashed and burned pretty spectacularly. iirc it beat two Mti, a Titan, and two Azmari, and lost to Frost's Azmari in the cut.

With corp grant, amina, mining accident, doof and Baklan (and to a lesser extent flip switch) it can work as a pretty effective econ denial deck, and my wins against mti and azmari all relied pretty heavily on that tactic. It can also go pretty quick when necessary, with Aumakua, crowdfunding and ttw doing most of the work against rushier decks.

The Class Act is obviously amazing. Flip switch and Baklan (combined with datasucker) are both really strong. Flip switch really helps in the Mti matchup, meaning you can run early to keep their credits low without fearing nasty anansis etc. Later it is a handy way to clear the baklan tag (just remember to do it! Forgetting to do so very nearly lost me the game against Frost in round 3) or nullifying a surveyor trace. Finally it also pairs really well with Always have a backup plan. Baklan is really nice for derezing border controls in some matchups, or just for keeping the econ war going (installing it and derezing a tollbooth with it and datasucker tokens in the same turn being a particularly memorable moment!)

I maybe used labor rights once all day, if that. It's theoretically nice as a backup for bringing back milled or trashed breakers against net damage or rigshooter decks, or can just be used to recur doofs, baklans etc if the game goes long. The deuces wild was a panic last-minute include when i had a spare influence after swapping a second labour rights for a second turning wheel. Maybe there's a better use for the influence.

One of the cuts we made from the original list was 3 pad taps, which given how much denial is going on might be worth fitting back in. Alternatively a third corp grant might be nice - they were initially included mostly for clearing scarcity after a few brutal games where they stuck for a long time, but they really pulled their weight yesterday.

Thanks so much to everyone who was there to play yesterday, I had a really great time hanging out with you all and playing some really great games of netrunner. Congrats to Frost for winning with a really cool pair of decks, and to paulyg and twisty_b for also making the cut. And shoutout to binarydogs for TOing!