Stabby Umbrella - 2nd Salford SC

Tolaasin 722

Took this to second place in Salford and a 4-2 record on the day. @nemamiah's Stabby Foxx list, and @tugtetgut's original Maxx deck had been wrecking face on jnet all week, and despite struggling with Maxx in the past, I decided to get some practice games in and was pleasantly surprised to find that I could actually win games with it. The background to the deck is much better covered in @nemamiah's write up - I made a couple of changes, replacing The Turning Wheel by Feedback Filter, knowing that several people were likely to be on damage decks, and switching out Trickster Taka for Bhagat, thinking that extra mills might help with the Outfit and Argus matchups which have relatively little recursion.

It's a blast to play - 5 people brought rigshooter decks on the day to counter it, I was lucky to avoid them all until the final, where my Laamb was cruelly consigned to the Ark, as was my fate.

The only downside to the deck, and it's a real one, is that it can be a bit of an NPE deck to play against - if you can get to the point where you are set up, and destroy an ice every turn, with 6 drip - there's very little the corp can do.

Thanks again to everyone in Salford for a great day of netrunning.