Downfall Apoc (4th at Waco SC 2-2)

branimated 486

I swore off Apoc 419 after the San Antonio SC, citing such reservations as "it's difficult to play" and "I take too long agonizing over how to win". After the ATX crew decided to go to the Waco SC, despite it being Eternal and on a Sunday, I realized I didn't have any other Runner deck that I liked nearly as much. Ah well.

Major changes from the version I ran at San Antonio:

1) Dirty Laundry out, Easy Mark in. Blame CTZ. But really, fast money that doesn't require provoking a rez is great in this list.

2) Eater and Deuces are gone, hello 2x DDoS. Blame CTZ. But really, being able to pull off an Apoc for 6c beats installing Eater. Plus, DDoS pivots smoothly into remote camping if the game goes that way.

3) Baklan and Class Act join the party. Blame... me, I guess? Class Act draws fewer cards than Earthrise, but also doesn't take 3 turns to pay out, which means you don't have to put yourself in the awkward position of either throwing away value if you Apoc or telegraphing that you're not going to Apoc. Baklan gives this deck a pretty great angle of attack against ICE, especially the ones that are tough to deal with otherwise (Anansi, EULA, etc). Combined with DDoS, 6x Inside Job, and Turtle, you can terrorize servers.

My losses were to the eventual winner's Mti - It was a really enjoyable battle, and I'm still turning over the lines I took in my head - and to 2nd place's Outfit because I hit a Snare! on 2 cards while rummaging through his centrals post-Apocalypse. So it goes.

I can't quit this deck. I'm not sure what I would change about it at this point. Thanks for reading!