Apex upon your House

shazzner 817

An Apex deck that has both a gameplan and a means to getting there.

Essentially instead of trying to Apoc once a game and floundering for a while, while the corp scores out. This deck can actually build an effective engine, pressure remotes, and go for a win with a well timed Khusyuk.

How to do that:

You will want Chop Bot in your opening hand, an added Reaver helps too. Install facedown and chopbot the card, with Reaver that nets you an additional card, with Wasteland that nets you a credit.

Use Spec Work to trash your Harbinger or anything that's taking up memory over your breakers. Don't be afraid to cycle some of your cards with Spec Work such as Rezeki. You can get it back later with Reboot and the Assimilator.

Fencer & Consume are there to help trashing asset spam, which is something Apex usually has had trouble with if you're not going for the big Apoc play. Utae can pressure early and getting three virtual resources up is not difficult.

Majority of the cards are 2-credit cost, mid-game I never have an issue getting a full Khusyuk to fire.

Lastly Heartbeat does wonders against the current crop of damage-Jinteki that seems everywhere.

Let me know in the comments if there are any questions.

NISEI IF YOU'RE READING THIS PRINT MORE APEX CARDS (dm me if you need help on design, I'm serious!)