Latchwork (Undefeated 4-0 Edmonton SC)

CaKnuckleguy 309

This is my version of Patchwork Lat that has placed well in a few SC's around the globe. You know the game plan, set up. Have things that cost 4 installed, snipe an agenda here or there then Khusyuk + FTE for the final point(s). Game plan is pretty simple so I'll give my insights into the changes rather than go over what's becoming a known archetype again.

"Why two Patchwork instead of Three? Doesn't that hurt consistency?" Yes, it hurts a little. Not nearly as much as you might imagine. I still mulligan to get Patchwork, but if I don't see one the deck has enough passive and active draw to find one. Bad things only happen if BOTH copies are shuffled super deep into the stack. But honestly, even without that efficiency, the deck can still perform ok. It might not beat a rush deck without, but any glacier or kill-combo can be kept up with just using regular cash-money and shaper bullshit.

"Why Peace in Our Time and Why Not Dirty Laundry" Listen, I've said this to a few people now, but Dirty Laundry is a potential trap. In decks that love to run often and early, or because they have things like Paragon or Jas for getting benefits from running, Dirty Laundry is fine. It's good click compression. In this deck, and many like it, where there is no benefit to that click compression beyond 'Run and 3c', Dirty Laundry can very well be a trap. It's not ENOUGH of econ to risk a early DL into archives just for 3c if the Corp has a cash lead on you...and might have HHN. It's also not worth the risk to DL into ice and be forced to break it so you don't waste 2c on a blank run. Easy Mark is econ that no one runs. Easy Mark + Run is only good if you WANT to run. If you're not sure if you want to run, don't. It's as simple as that. As for PiOT, the cash it gives most Corps is negligible in this match-up. Getting set up quicker is far more important than giving up 5c advantage. I'm not saying compare DL to Peace, that aren't 'the same slot'. But for this deck, getting 9c is often the difference in getting set up a turn or two faster or having to click for credits. Plus, IMHO, a corp that loses with 30+ credits in the pool is still a corp that lost. If they have giant ice they can rez with that money, they already built their deck to be rich in the first place and my 5c isn't going to tip that balance. Obviously don't hand the corp 5c if they are at 1c or 2c.

"Flip Switch?" Yup. That patchwork I cut? That became more PiOT and two Flip Switch. This beauty of a card lets me be much more loose with my early game runs if the match-up requires. (as always, giving respect to the board state and possible HHN) and unlike Dirty Laundry, I can poke a server and see if the corp will bite with a rez and jack out without worrying about face checking something mean. Plus these are free with The Artist. With Lat, I find I often want to sculpt my hand to the right size for the free draw, so having a click where I can 'poke' safely on an off-click (don't want to draw, don't want to install, don't really need 1c) is an excellent way to spend a click.

Other Changes

Symmetrical Visage: Eh...never feel great installing it. The drip is nice. I wouldn't complain if I saw it, but always the need for space. I found myself pitching it to Patchwork more often then installing it. If that's happening, it might as well become a Silver Bullet I could use in specific match-ups like Film Critic or Misdirection. Because those can be pitched too, but sometimes might be key to not losing.

Beth: Same thing. Pitching it too often instead of installing. Games were over before she came online. I could switch her back in instead of...

Gauss: I worried I wouldn't have enough Lady counters and get locked out. I was wrong. Never once installed. Could easily be cut to go to 45 again, or switched back to Beth. Or a third Pelangi.

And that's it! That's my shenanigans and variations on this here Lat Theme. I seemed to snatch victory on 'the last turn' more than a few times. One game in particular against a Titan FA deck on 6 AP who Atlas'd for a Hostile on my last click Khusyk (has there ever been a more Netrunner sentence?) and I managed to snatch a 4/2 with FTE to seal the win. Being able to see 6 and avoid traps is really strong. Being able to do that AND threaten remotes AND have some HQ pressure if it is called for is really really good. Don't feel bad about Silver Bullets in this deck, they are food for Patchwork when you don't need them.

My corp for this tournament was a 1000 Cuts PE that went 2-2. All those games were super close except one against Stargate. Uhg. I placed 2nd overall due to Strength of Schedule. Oh well. Can't win em all.

13 Apr 2019 nutritionalzero

Hey, I'm coming to town next week. Where do you folks play?

14 Apr 2019 CaKnuckleguy

Hey @nutritionalzeroWe meet at Table Top Cafe (124th street) on Wednesday evenings ~7pm. We have a steady 5-6 folks show up. If you're early, just let the folks at the counter know you're here for Netrunner and they'll both set you up with the discount and show you where we're at! Hope to see you there!

15 Apr 2019 nutritionalzero

Hey @CaKnuckleguy! Confirmed. I’m hot on the trail of a fantastic SC here in Montreal where someone cleaned me out with your deck. Very cool stuff. 124th is my old stomping ground (I used to drink at the 124st Boston Pizza on Friday nights.. it seems that restaurant is long gone or it moved.)

16 Apr 2019 CaKnuckleguy

Yeah, pretty sure that BP's has since moved on. TTC is on the south end of 124th, just a few blocks north of Jasper Ave. What were you corping as @nutritionalzero? How would you approach/tech against this deck knowing how it runs?