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Orbital Tangent 163

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I played this deck across two SCs (Mankato's Dork Den & Minneapolis' Mead Hall) and, while I didn't do great, I think it's a pretty solid stack of cards. I'm just a garbage player.

At Dork Den we did Round Robin and I faced Hayley, Hayley, 419, MaxX, Smoke, and Khan. Mead was MaxX, Kit, Leela, and Smoke in regular Swiss.

I don't really have a thorough breakdown of each match, but I have a general sense of how the deck feels:

Shaper MUs are rough if they have Clot. Sometimes you can outspeed them, though. If they get it early, you're % to win. Deck should maybe pack Ark Lockdown to remove it, though if Shaper's stock rises maybe just switch dex?

Crim is on the slow side and can't stop FA at all. You just go fast, draw a lot, and don't install ice if you don't have to. I found that something spikey and taxing on HQ and R&D is what you want to prevent TTW farming. BC gets rezzed on R&D in the event of an incoming TTW.

Anarch ice destruction doesn't do much. It's kind of the same as Crim. You only have to ice when threatened, so of there's not threat you just don't install. Afshar does work keeping HQ not free and farm-able, and everything else goes on R&D if you need to defend.

After being on this deck for a month and doing two SCs, I don't know if I'd change much. Probably find room for another Preemptive Action, probably drop an Executive Boot Camp? Or maybe one of the Fast Track?

If you wanted an Ark Lockdown, SDS Drone Deployment or SSL Endorsement is your 5/3 and you cut one of the aforementioned cards. Likely not worth it, though.

Red Level can get you into some absurd situations due to clickless draws or installs, I highly recommend trying it in Titan. Also lets you install Clot same turn you score Atlas or New Construction. It's a great combo piece.

10/10 would Atlastrain again.